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Delivering commercial and innovative solutions that support your business strategy

We work with organisations of all sizes to review and set in place a clear People Plan (HR Strategy), fully aligned to the commercial strategy of the business.

This could be to:

  • Create a new strategy

  • Review existing plans and initiatives 

  • Align disconnected people-related workstreams and create a single coherent strategy

  • Turnaround a plan that has lost direction or derailed 

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We focus on creating tailored yet practical solutions for our clients, designed to support your long term business goals. We bring together HR Strategy with tactical delivery plans that will deliver a clear step change within your organisation. 

  • Defining the purpose and final outcome that is driving talent development in your business

  • Review of existing programmes and practices

  • Analysis of skills and expertise to deliver programmes

  • Gaps analysis and opportunities

  • Opportunities to develop existing programmes 

  • Creation of bespoke talent development programmes

  • Skills development of delivery team and introductions to external faciliators (if required)

  • Define success measures

  • Detailed design and delivery of development programmes

  • Facilitation of workshops and development interventions

  • Group and individual coaching

  • Performance reporting for HR teams and senior leadership



Creating long term HR strategy at Interserve

HR services at Interserve had operated largely within Divisional teams, with little overarching HR strategy to support the developing organisation. We led a review of HR strategy, working with the board,  HR leads and senior line managers drawn from across the company. A strategic plan was developed to create a mature HR function,including leadership development and succession planning, demographics and early career development, reward and recognition, and alignment with corporate responsibility goals including diversity. 

The plan was tracked, reviewed annually and adjusted to take account of changes to corporate strategy and commercial drivers. Organisational culture formed an intrinsic part of this work, looking at how the core HR initiatives supported key elements of culture (values, behaviours, diversity and innovation), and cross referencing to the outcomes of communications and engagement reviews.

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