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The need to create or redefine your People Plan (HR Strategy) can be triggered by internal and external organisational disruption.  

New organisation vision


This can be triggered by a review of the organisation’s strategic direction; the decision to move into new geographies or new products/service lines; disruption from new competition or a digital step change; or a change in leadership seeing them seek a new business focus.


How we can support you:

  • Analysis of the new business vision and/or the drivers for organisational change

  • Review of how the organisation will look in the future – what culture, skills, organisation structure do you need to be successful

  • Restating of the People Plan – closing the gap between the existing plan and future requirements – or establishing a plan if none currently exists

Post acquisition integration 


The effective integration of both your existing organisation and your acquired business is key to realising the commercial benefits forecasted.  


How we can support you:

  • Organisation design – we advise on how to manage the complex alignment of new structures and the organisation model, to meet your new commercial strategy

  • Values and cultures – we support you to articulate the values and culture of your new merged organisation, including alignment with your employer brand and how this translates on a day-to-day basis into relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers

  • Employee engagement – we help to stage and plan engagement throughout the transition to ensure your people are positive advocates

  • Integration of remuneration and incentive schemes – we will determine the approach and scope needed to harmonise these between the merging businesses, including defining timelines and an activity plan

  • Integration of HR processes across the employee life-cycle – we will define when and where processes should be merged and the most effective way to do this

Step change in organisation size and complexity 


As a company expands it will reach a level of complexity where existing HR processes and practices are unable to support the growing business.   


How we can support you:

  • Long term planning – we support businesses build a long term People Plan including: organisation design, talent acquisition, remuneration and recognition arrangements, as well as the development and succession of key roles

  • Values and communication – we support businesses to create a more explicit and structured process of communication, key to ensuring that the increased number of people across more geographical locations understand the business’ values and culture

Initiative overload 


When multiple initiatives with a people-related focus have launched in different business units across an organisation without early alignment, you can see expensive ‘reinventing of the wheel’ or duplication – all leading to different employee experience across the company.  


How we can support you:


  • Analysis of all people-related initiatives – reviewing their strengths and where integration wold be most effective

  • Consolidated plan - working with all stakeholders, we can create a consolidated plan that maps all existing initiatives, prioritising and amalgamating them as appropriate with collective goals and clear timescales

Existing People Plan (HR Strategy) has stalled or derailed 


Your existing plan may have stalled or lost its sense of direction. Potentially leading to lower performance from your HR process, and limited opportunity for future growth.


How we can support you:


  • Analysis of the current practices – identifying the gaps and opportunities to strengthen your HR processes

  • Review of how the organisation will look in the future – what culture, skills, organisation structure do you need to be successful

  • Redevelopment of the People Plan – we will revitalise your current plan, or create a new People plan where required, helping to streamline existing processes and support the long term ambitions of your business

New initiative


A new people-related initiative – for example in leadership, CSR, diversity or innovation – has been agreed in concept, and now requires mobilising and aligning to your existing HR plan.


How we can support you:


  • Scoping the requirement – working with key stakeholders we will scope the steps and design the programme for bringing your new initiative to life, including how we will measure success

  • Planning and delivering a programme that aligns with existing HR brand and processes

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