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Supporting you to become a leader in diversity, attracting the top talent to your business


We are passionate about diversity in its most broad  definition.

Diversity is about the vibrancy and richness of experience that is created by attracting the widest range of people into your business. Its about supporting everyone to be authentic to themselves at work and to develop their full potential. Its being credible to your clients because your team brings breadth of perspectives and insights.

The research shows that companies with more diverse employees perform better financially, and if you want to attract the most talented people they are drawn to the energy of a diverse organisation.

Gender  pay gap reporting, diversity on boards and social mobility are all key areas of debate at board level - we have experience in providing insight and solutions in all these areas.

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  • Diagnostic on your current diversity policies and processes

  • Identification of gaps and opportunities 

  • Creation of tailored diversity policy (or suite of policies) for your business - drawing on the latest best practice 

  • Reporting process established, enabling you to measure performance 

  • Analysis of current diversity mix - identifying where interventions would add value

  • Design of diversity programmes that address your target areas (such as gender pay gap reporting, women on boards, apprenticeships)

  • Up-skilling of HR teams to deliver and monitor programmes

  • Diagnostic of current business practices through diversity lens - including recruitment and attraction, talent development 

  • Development of interventions that can improve your culture of diversity and inclusion

  • Employee engagement and awareness campaigns

  • Coaching networks for women, young people, ethnic groups 

Diversity – getting a deeper understanding  

To get a deeper understanding of the diversity concerns within the organisation we ran sixty workshops bringing together people at all levels and all functions, to ask them about their day to day experiences.


The consolidated feedback was presented to groups of senior managers, and tipped the quality of the debate, enabling full engagement on key issues and commitment to action.

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