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Support your career goals with dedicated group or individual coaching

Through coaching we support individuals to develop their careers and achieve their ambitions.

We specialise in 1:1 or group coaching in these areas:

  • Women in business

  • Managing through change

  • Diversity

  • Leadership development

  • Transition in role

Contact us to find out about coaching options


Catherine is a fully qualified coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and has coached many executives and managers through periods of transition, with a particular interest in coaching women.


Our coaching programmes can operate standalone, or as an auxiliary service to a leadership development, change or diversity initiative operating in your business.

As senior leaders who have led large programmes we understand the value that external coaching can bring to a business.  We will work closely with you to understand the objectives and leadership behaviours of your business, and design a coaching programme that will support your people to maximise their natural skills and talents, as well as improve their development areas. 

Outcome: Your people are better equipped to support the long term vision for your business, and feel supported by you to achieve their career goals. 


At a career crossroads? Have you recently transitioned roles, or are you struggling to see your next step and want to develop the skills to progress your career?

Our fully qualified coaches haven't just got the skills, but also have the hands-on experience of these challenges - enabling them to guide you to achieve the best outcome.  Our coaching approach will be tailored to your individual needs, initially establishing what you're looking to achieve and guiding the sessions towards that outcome.  You can take part in 1:1 coaching, or gain peer support as part of one of our coaching groups. 

Outcome: We will empower you to take ownership of your professional development, giving you the tools and personal insight to make your career ambitions a reality. 

Building a women’s coaching network  

To support the develop and succession of women into leadership positions, we developed women’s coaching groups. Groups of 3 or 4 women were coached together, creating their own development objectives,  whilst building an ongoing  supportive network across the organisation.   


The support and encouragement received in these sessions led to coaches achieving promotion, broadening their careers and achieving other long held leadership  ambitions in and out of work.

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